• Crown bridging module

    The application “Crowns and Bridges” is the base for prosthetic designs. The great variety of functions offers very simple and efficient processes as well as flexible tools to meet dental demands.

  • Abutment & Bar Designer

    The module “Abutment and Bar Designer” allows the construction of individual abutments, implant bars and completely virtual wax-ups for screw-retrained restorations by access to a great variety of implant systems.

  • Splints

    This module is developed to design every kind of bite splints. The design with the bite splint module creates splints for the treatment of bruxism on the basis of special material parameters.

  • Rapid-Prototyping

    The construction modules CAM and „Rapid-Prototyping“ are the interface between construction and manufacturing environments. They simplify the automation of several tasks which are normally manually made.

  • Partial Framework

    The module “Partial Framework” provides intuitive design tools transferring the knowledge of the dental technician into a digital environment.  The results are amazing.

  • Full Dentures

    The module “Full Dentures” offers a simple and efficient possibility to digitally address edentulous cases. The intuitive CAD tools enable the user to carry out a familiar workflow in the digital world. Use the functions for tooth placement and aesthetic gingiva suggestions.

  • ModelBuilder

    With the help of the “ModelBuilder” module models for intraoral or impression scans can be virtually generated. Thereby, laboratories have the unique possibility to replace manual model building by an equivalent digital process. Physically constructed models with saw cuts, pins or undercuts can be built on a large scale.

  • Orthodontic Archiving

    The “Orthodontic Archiving” module offers laboratories new business opportunities. Orthodontic models are scanned, designed and filed. This digitalization leads to a greater accuracy and more efficiency in the dental surgery.